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Operational Manager


  • Associates or Bachelors Degree

  • 1 yr experience in the Landscape Industry

  • 1 yr Prior Management Experience

Management Responsibilities:

  • Assist the General Manager in conducting performance evaluations and performance-related discussions.

  • Monitor the workplace & neutralize any potential hazards that exist for Team Member's during the performance of their duties.

  • Assign work to Landscape Technicians appropriate to their respective skill levels.

  • Ensure such assignments include any special instructions as indicated in the project notes.

  • Provide on-the- job coaching and counseling to Landscape Technicians so that they have every opportunity to safely and efficiently perform their job duties and maximize Landscape Gvl's customer satisfaction.

  • Manage Landscape Technicians at the end of each shift by ensuring all of Landscape Gvl's equipment maintenance procedures are performed: Spray and Sweep, Service, Sharpen, Supply and Stock, Shut-down.

  • Occasionally attend seminars, trade shows, or other training sessions.

Business Development

  • Market Landscape Gvl's Services to new and existing clients in the market Area. 

  • Identify additional service opportunities on existing customer contracts for evaluation and customer follow-up.

  • Study and analysis other markets for potential growth.


  • Based off of experience

  • Can range from $20,000-$30,000 salary. 

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